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Protein for Healthy Weight Management; “I’m Sick of Starving Myself”

Protein for Healthy Weight Management; "I'm Sick of Starving Myself" What with the multitude of fad diets circulating the media today, it’s hard to know how to eat/diet healthy. We’ll let you in on a secret--dieting has nothing to do with starving yourself. Healthy weight management means keeping yourself properly energized and feeling full throughout the entire day. It’s all Continue Reading

6 Weight Management Tips to Rock Out this New Year

A simple two-second Google search shows you that the number one, top-of-the-list most common New Year’s Resolution is losing weight and/or working out--any form of weight management. But what percentage of the population actually come through with this resolution? According to Statistic Brain, only 8% successfully lose weight over the new year. It's time to change! We have six healthy Continue Reading

Weight Management this Holiday Season

Weight Management this Holiday Season We often get asked, “Why do elderly people gain weight so easily?” The answer we provide: As the elderly age, their metabolism slows down. Their level of activity decreases, as does their muscle mass. Medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, arthritis, and diabetes complicate weight loss as well. In addition to medical factors, elderly people Continue Reading

What Medications Do for You (And What They Don’t)

We see all over the news that the FDA occasionally approves new medications for weight loss. These medications help you feel less hungry, get full faster, and boost your metabolism. What these medications don’t advertise? They work only when combined with an exercise program and a healthy, reduced calorie diet. All of these medications require the patient to participate in Continue Reading