Can I Lose Weight by Lowering My Blood Pressure?

Many aspects of your health are interconnected. If you take active steps to lower your blood pressure, then you can also expect to see your weight go down, too. Here are ways to lose weight in a manner that is best for your heart. Begin a Realistic Exercise Regimen Regular physical activity is essential in this day and age when Continue Reading

5 Must-Read Tips for Weight Loss Motivation

Extra weight can have a direct impact on your health. If you are struggling to find the inspiration you need to keep up with a diet and exercise plan, here are a few weight loss motivation tips that could help you get started. 1. Learn Something New For many people, knowing how our bodies react to specific foods and activities Continue Reading

Why Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t the Answer to Obesity

Obese or overweight individuals might be considering weight loss surgery to become healthier and successfully reach their target weight. Here at the Rochester Medical Weight Loss Center, we feel that there are better, healthier, and safer ways for obese men and women to improve their health and weight at the same time without having to go under the knife. Learn Continue Reading

What Are The Best Weight Loss Programs for Women?

The biochemical differences between the sexes often make it harder for women to lose weight compared to men. A weight loss program that works for a man might not work as well for a woman. The best weight loss programs for women are customized to each individual, not streamlined to suit the masses. If you’re looking for a weight loss Continue Reading