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Diet vs. Exercise; Lose Weight Rochester NY

The Secret Behind Diet Vs. Exercise Lose Weight Rochester NY Maybe you’ve been exercising diligently, but you don’t feel any closer to achieving your weight loss goals. Why won’t that stubborn scale budge? Well, you’re not alone. Many of our patients get frustrated when they have consistent exercising habits, but don’t see any changes in their weight. Why even bother Continue Reading

3 Keys to Weight Loss Success; Weight Loss Programs

3 Keys to Weight Loss Success; Weight Loss Programs Many people want to lose weight but they don’t know where to start. Or worse, they believe they have no chance to succeed, so they’re too discouraged to try. But weight management is meant for everyone – and everyone can succeed. These three tips will make your weight loss journal seem Continue Reading

5 Weight Management Tips

5 Weight Management Tips Weight management is a hot topic now that the weather has finally improved. You’re probably brainstorming like crazy about ways to jumpstart your personal weight loss program for the new spring season. Questions such as, “What should I eat?”, “How should I exercise?”, “How can I keep these healthy weight management goals consistent?” are not uncommon this Continue Reading

Lose Weight; Put a SPRING Back in Your Step

Lose Weight; Put a SPRING Back in your Step Spring Exercising Tips to Help You Lose Weight By now we’ve all had enough of winter, but thankfully temperatures are FINALLY rising above-freezing. It’s time to get back outdoors and kick-start a consistent exercise routine, if you haven’t already. And even if you’ve maintained a routine at the local gym, nothing Continue Reading