How to Customize Exercise Plans

How to Customize Exercise Plans All patients are different, so the perfect end-all, be-all exercise plan just doesn't exist. We work together with each patient to decide on an exercise plan that compliments his or her weight loss goals. How do we customize exercise plans for individual patients? What Is the Patient's Health Status? How do we account for a patient’s Continue Reading

4 Easy Fitness Habits for Every Workout Routine

4 Easy Fitness Habits for Every Workout Routine Diet and exercise both play a part in a patient’s weight loss journey. Although diet determines the number on the scale, exercise is a critical fitness tool. An active lifestyle can improve moods, metabolism, and motivation!  Check out these easy fitness habits that you can incorporate into any workout routine! Finding An Continue Reading

Tips & Tricks from an Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Tips from an Exercise Physiologist A successful weight loss program includes a personal exercise therapist who will offer exercise tips and supervise each patient’s physiological progress to help him or her achieve maximum results. Our exercise physiologist makes calculated suggestions and recommendations for the patient’s exercise regime. These exercise tips and tricks will propel you forward along your weight loss Continue Reading

How to Balance Diet and Exercise in Winter: Custom Weight Loss

How to Balance Diet and Exercise in Winter: Custom Weight Loss Wintertime brings many challenges to those involved in a custom weight loss plan. How can you manage your weight this time of year? The harsh cold season typical to Rochester NY makes exercising difficult if you don’t own a gym membership or the proper equipment. And fresh produce from local Continue Reading