Although motherhood is a joyful occasion, it can leave you with some excess weight after pregnancy. Many women find weight loss extremely difficult, but it is possible to do so. The following steps are easy ways to get yourself back into shape even with the stress of new motherhood.

Eat Breakfast

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat breakfast. Studies have found that skipping breakfast results in consuming more sweets and sodas and less healthy foods. With a newborn baby, it can be difficult to find the time to eat breakfast, but luckily a simple bowl of healthy cereal suffices.

Find Small Ways to Cut Calories

Rather than trying to completely overhaul your entire diet when you are already in the midst of so much change with your newborn, find small ways to reduce your caloric intake. This might be skipping butter or other condiments, reducing the meat or cheese on your sandwich, choosing trail mix instead of candy, and similar small changes.

Remove Temptation

A great way to help you lose weight after your baby is to simply remove temptation by not buying certain unhealthy snacks. After a long, sleepless night when you feel stressed, it is easy to turn to sweets or chips when you feel hungry. However, you cannot do this if they are not in your house. If you want a treat, buy a single serving of something and really enjoy the indulgence.

Move With Your Baby

Your newborn is a great partner to help you work out. You can dance with your baby, use your baby as weights to train or just go for a walk. When you exercise with your baby, you also have an opportunity to bond. Just remember to follow recommendations from your doctor and to allow yourself some weeks to heal from the trauma of childbirth, especially if you have a c-section.

Plan Ahead

Another important step for weight loss is to plan ahead. Just as you have to ensure that you have sufficient bottles, diapers, and other items for your baby when you go out, make sure you have healthy snacks for you. At the start of the week, put together little bags of healthy snacks, such as vegetables, pretzels, nuts, and more. Then, before you go out, make sure the diaper bag has some snacks for you so that you are not forced to eat junk food when you need some energy.

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