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What Is Assisted Weight Loss and Who Can Benefit From It?

For many, losing weight isn’t simply a matter of cutting calories. While diet and exercise are certainly important factors, maintaining a healthy body weight often has just as much to do with lifestyle choices and unique physiological factors. That’s why winning the battle against obesity isn’t always simply a matter of effort, and it’s why more individuals are starting to ask: What is assisted weight loss?

If you’ve struggled to shed excess pounds that are impacting your quality of life, it may be time to consider a physician-supervised approach instead. Learn how these programs differ from traditional weight-loss strategies, and determine if you’re a candidate. 

Find a Hands-On Approach

When your efforts to reach or maintain a healthy body weight prove ineffective, weight loss supervised by a physician can provide a viable solution. It’s a multi pronged approach to healthy weight management, one which determines the underlying causes of obesity and addresses each one in a specific fashion.

With the help of a board-certified bariatrician, patients are first evaluated to develop an individualized treatment plan. Based on the findings, the physician may prescribe several corrective actions, ranging from new dietary guidelines to beneficial lifestyle changes. In some circumstances, FDA-approved multivitamins and medications can be utilized as well.

Eat Right, Live Well

Where fad diets often lead to undesirable results, a healthy eating regimen in a clinical setting is designed with long-term results in mind. Specially formulated meal replacement options make it easy to track your daily intake, give your body the right nutrients and avoid the bad cravings that threaten to derail your efforts.

Optifast® weight loss products include everything you need to stay on track and achieve your desired results. Forget about counting calories and steering around undesirable ingredients—Optifast’s balanced soups, shakes and protein bars make it easy to give your body what it needs without taking in anything it doesn’t. 

Get Moving Toward the New You

Getting in shape can be extra difficult when you’re starting out behind the pack, especially when you’re working through injuries or other medical conditions. That’s why teaming up with an exercise physiologist is a key factor in supervised weight loss. You’ll get the tools and information you need to get the right results from your workouts without worrying about overexertion or wasted effort.

Set Your Goals With Help

What is assisted weight loss? With this initial question answered, it’s time to decide if it’s the right approach for you. If you are considered obese according to the Body Mass Index and you’ve been unable to achieve lasting results through traditional diet and exercise, then an assisted approach to weight loss may be just what you need to start living a healthier, more active life.