The biochemical differences between the sexes often make it harder for women to lose weight compared to men. A weight loss program that works for a man might not work as well for a woman.

The best weight loss programs for women are customized to each individual, not streamlined to suit the masses. If you’re looking for a weight loss program that will help you lose weight, you should take into account your gender as well as your unique circumstances.

Check out these few key components we think make up the best weight loss programs for women!

Long-Term Success

You can find countless options for diets and weight loss programs, both paid and free, but many don’t provide long-term, sustainable weight loss. Many women get inspired about quickly losing weight at the start of the diet, only to find their weight plateau.

If the number on the scale stops going down, some women lapse into old patterns or find that the weight starts to creep back. So the first and most important way to assess weight loss programs is whether it provides a foundation for true sustainable weight loss. Remember, a healthy diet is a lifestyle, not a destination!

Additional Lifestyle Changes

Many women focus on what they eat and forget about other aspects of their life that might influence their weight, such as exercise. Weight loss programs for women that incorporate exercise have a higher chance of success. Exercise is also key to overall health.

Level of Restriction

Another feature of many fad diets and weight loss programs is some type of restriction. This might mean calorie counting or avoiding certain food groups or macronutrients.

We don’t recommend restricting your diet too much, as this could lead to deficiencies of key vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and other nutrients. Some women also find that when they restrict their caloric intake too much, they become fatigued and can’t continue with their normal workload as much as usual.

The best weight loss programs are somewhat restrictive at the beginning but then broaden as you incorporate healthier behavior patterns and experience weight loss. So always take into account how much restriction a diet program requires before signing on.

A Full Life

The best weight loss programs provide women many opportunities to enjoy food despite changes to the diet. Diets that are too restrictive for too long often lead to a higher chance of failure. Find a weight loss program that gives you a full life, at least in the latter stages of the diet.

These are just a few of the important elements required for sustainable weight loss programs for women. Another key area is accountability, something we provide in our program.

For those who feel they need additional support, contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss our programs.