Frequently Asked Questions of the New Direction Weight Management Programs

What is New Direction? Will I miss eating real food?

New Direction, a portion-controlled formula diet, uses a concept known as “stimuli narrowing.” Many people struggle to accurately determine food portions and consume approximately 50% more calories a day than they realize. By narrowing the vast quantity of available foods, people often lose weight. New Direction provides all the necessary daily nutrients patients need so they can safely reduce their calorie intake.

New Direction weight management products offer:

  • High quality, complete nutrition
  • Pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings
  • Quick and simple preparation

New Direction has successfully improved lives for over 25 years—hardly a fad diet.

Will I truly receive all the nutrients I need with New Direction? Will I gain the weight back once I begin eating regular food?

Unlike fad diets, the New Direction Formula contains all the nutrients required for good health. Liquid diets from the 1970s used low quality protein with few other essential nutrients. With our New Direction program, a physician closely follows your diet to ensure the safety of your treatment. Once you reach your weight loss goals, our team of professionals, including behaviorists, dietitians, and exercise specialists, strives to help you keep the weight off by providing medicine for weight loss, intensive education, and support. Our maintenance program provides the on-going support you need to make these changes long-term.

Will I be hungry since I’m not eating regular foods?

The causes of hunger, whether physical or emotional, are difficult to determine. Our staff helps you control and prevent hunger pains by suggesting various techniques. For most participants, hunger sensations fade within a few days to two weeks after starting the program.

What can I do if I’m invited out to eat while I’m on the weight management programs?

The staff at the Medical Weight Loss Center Rochester NY will discuss various options with you to deal with social events. Patients have found certain strategies quite successful. Although initially apprehensive, many patients find that New Direction is actually the easiest part of the program.

What sets New Direction apart from other diets?

New Direction is not merely a diet nor a form of punishment. We understand people like to eat and need to eat. Based on scientific research, our program teaches you how to eat correctly and gives you the necessary skills for developing healthy eating habits. Patients can continue to use limited amounts of New Direction products on an ongoing basis for their convenience in order to reduce the number of food choices.

I’m an emotional eater, so is this program for me?

Yes! Eating for comfort or to relieve anxiety is one of the biggest challenges facing America today. Many physicians and psychiatrists refer to food as “America’s most popular and widely abused anti-anxiety medication.” Food is NOT a medicine for weight loss. The New Direction program incorporates a behavior change that replaces poor food choices with healthy ones.

How do the New Direction products taste?

Most patients find them pleasant and satisfying. They are designed to replace food entirely for a limited duration of time, which makes them much different than commercially available nutritional formulas, both in taste and nutritional quality.

Why is this program such a sizable financial investment?

We do not have hidden costs in our program. We provide the services of skilled healthcare professionals. Because this program is physician supervised, some health insurance plans may cover a portion of the program charges.


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