Weight Loss Program: 5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

You should feel incredibly proud of yourself if you are involved in a weight loss program. It can be tough, but you put in the effort day in and day out to lead a healthier life. That does not mean these programs are without their challenges. Things can be hard, especially during the holidays, which are so often associated with food. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy yourself while remaining healthy.

We compiled 5 helpful tips to help you stay true to your goals despite the temptations of the holiday season – and still have a memorable time!

1. Eat Intuitively

You need to be cognizant of your own body. Eat slowly to allow your stomach to feel full, and stop once you feel full. Some ways to automatically eat less is to use a smaller plate than average. You can also cut back on going back for seconds.

2. Choose Healthy Foods That Work With Your Weight Loss Program

Your weight loss program should help you retain a healthy diet. However, with so many morsels available during the holidays, it can be tough to stick with the plan. Fortunately, there are often many nutritious substitutes for common meals, including:

  • Seafood instead of sausages
  • Turkey instead of salami
  • Roasted nuts instead of chips
  • Oat slices instead of shortbread biscuits
  • Salad instead of white bread

These foods are leaner and carry fewer calories. The best part is your family will likely be more than willing to have these healthier options on the dinner table.

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3. Be Active

When you have some time off work, it can be tempting to relax and watch television all day. However, you need to remain active as part of your weight loss program. Go out for a walk after a big meal. You can even invite family members to go with you to make it a group activity.

4. Record What You Eat

Set a goal for how much you plan on eating each day during your vacation. It is alright to have a higher limit during Thanksgiving and Christmas than every other day, but you want to stay within the boundary.

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5. Stay Calm

If you gain a couple pounds after the holiday season, you should not beat yourself up over it. It is a momentary blip on your weight loss journey, and as long as you return to your normal routine shortly, you have nothing to fret. Keep things in perspective. Enjoy yourself and realize you are only human.

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